Private Sales Registration

Interested In Selling Your RV? Get Maximum Exposure In Our Private Sales Area.


The Private Sales area is located outside, at the east end of the building. The area is fenced and will have security patrolling the area. You are permitted to stay in your RV for the duration of the show, however once your RV is parked it cannot be removed during show hours. You are welcome to arrive and set up as early as Wednesday if you are coming for the full four days.

As a Private Sales Exhibitor you will receive two exhibitor badges to allow you to come and go throughout the show. Optional power is available that provides power to run your lights but must be ordered in advance.

You are responsible for displaying and selling the RV, and you may spend as much or as little time at the show. Some private sales exhibitors actually stay with their RVs and dry camp for the duration of the show, while some only stay periodically. We recommend that you spend as much time at the show as possible as it gives you a better chance of finding that buyer!


Registration in advance is best for space planning purposes – we can accept registration the week of the show but this is based on available space.


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to complete your application.

The fees to exhibit in the private sales area is 1% of the list price of your RV, with a minimum fee of $250.00 and a maximum fee of $1,000.00. This would be for the full 4 days of the show, if you want to exhibit for partial days we can pro-rate this fee.

Full payment by exact cash or credit card due upon arrival. Sales registration applies to the vehicle for sale, additional vehicles are required to be parked in the main parking lot and are subject to the daily facility parking fee of $10.00.


Full payment by exact cash or credit card due upon arrival. Payment is for exhibit space only, and is not based on the sale of your RV.


1% of list price*
with a minimum $250.00 – maximum $1,000.00

PARTIAL SHOW (space permitting)

for vehicle listed under $25,000:
Friday, Saturday, Sunday only ….. $200.00*
Saturday and Sunday only ……….. $130.00*
Saturday only …………………………… $100.00*
Sunday only …………………………….. $100.00*

*Plus 5% GST

For vehicles over $25,000, please contact us for pricing.


$114.00 + 5% GST and 7% PST for the duration of the show. Must be arranged in advance.

The year of the unit.
The manufacturer of the unit.
The model of the unit.
The total length of the unit in feet and inches.
The number of slideouts the unit has.